Ristorante La Taverna Del Barbarossa

Prosciutto, prosciutto, everywhere!  … lavishly added to some of the many authentic selections. Culinary choices include vegan, seafood, and hearty meat lover dishes.

The wine selection is impressive, offering high quality varietals from several local vineyards. Herbs grown on the premises are conveniently accessible just outside the kitchen door from a well tended garden.

The chef (wearing the headscarf) keeps everyone focused on the food, with heavy handed adherence to quality and presentation, yet exuding a light-hearted but confident demeanor. 

The ambiance of Barbarossa embraces a deep seated family tradition mixed with refined culinary expertise. Relaxed and surprisingly affordable, the menu also offers a full selection of delicious pizzas. 

Regardless of your evening’s cravings, Del Barbarossa does not disappoint. 



A quiet island paradise.