Nicknamed “The Garden Isle”, Kauai is one of the most lush and wet areas in the world. From dramatic cliffs to the breathtaking heights of the “Sleeping Giant” mountain ridges, the scenery never fails to inspire.

The island has been host to many a Hollywood production, and some of the scenes are instantly recognizable. From the opening scene of Jurassic Park to scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean, the beaches and forests are perfect for a dramatic and untamed setting.

Considered the oldest of the Hawaiian Island chain, Kauai covers just 562 square miles. There were so many places we wanted to go, but we also took time to visit the small, local towns where we found the most delicious meals, a traveling open market, and a delightful little jazz shop with an unbelievable selection of albums.

As we climbed the ancient, wet lava flows covered with dripping wet moss it was easy to see why it is one of the wettest spots on the planet. Water is seemingly everywhere. From misty mountain tops to the constant dew and daily rains, the island is literally drenched.

The lushness of the rainforests, the dramatic diversity of the mountains, beaches, and waterfalls all present the photographer with so many choices that it seems as though we are shooting constantly. Always in a state of wonder and always finding inspiration in the incredible natural world at our feet.



Where time sleeps until noon